Project structure

A rather simple decomposition of tasks with Work Packages (WP) is proposed to efficiently perform all activities required by the project. A general work package (WP0) for management is covering both phases of the project. The work packages structure follows the main deliverables and required skills required to perform the tasks. There is an explicit split into activities more related to technical specification/development and operation and the ones more dedicated to validation and relations with users. Although the two partners of the project (ACRI-ST and BlueFarm) are doing activities in all WP1x and WP2x, ACRI-ST is leading more technical activities while BlueFarm, closer to the aquaculture thematic, is leading the tasks of validation and in relation with users. This also ensures, to a certain extent, that implementation and validation are done separately.

In the figure below, green boxes are under the leadership of ACRI-ST and the blue ones under the one of BlueFarm.

The plan for the study is rather sequential as illustrated on the schedule below. The whole duration of the project is two years with a go/no-go decision at the end of phase 1 (the first year).