An atlas of the aquaculture structures in the Western Mediterranean Sea was created in the frame of SMART project.

Mussels racks and finfish farms 200m away from shore were detected using the latest European Space Agency radar sensor (Sentinel-1A, Copernicus).


Three user interfaces have also been developed for the SMART users : AMA (Italy), ENSSMAL (Algeria) and STI (Vietnam).


These websites present the environmental conditions around users' areas of interest, based on their requests (sea surface temperature, phytoplankton, turbidity and water transparency, waves, particulate organic carbon)

Platforms will be further developed during the project to publish information on optimal aquaculture site location for mussels and seabass/seabream and an estimate of the potential productivity of a site.

The sites are now being tested by the 3 users and feedback is to be collected on the platforms.


SMART Portal for Algeria:

SMART Portal for Italy:

SMART Portal for Vietnam: